Where to Start

An Introduction:

I have wanted to be a writer for a very long time and just didn’t know where to start (like most writers I’m sure). I attended a webinar today on how to become a successful writer and profit from what I love to do. And while it was very informative, what actually got me going was a friend who reached out for some advice.

He said I always found a way to overcome the shit in my life.

While I would agree that I have done a lot for myself, and I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far, I haven’t exactly done what I would like to.

I want to write to other and share the ideas in my head.

Not just the ideas, but also the processes and the knowledge and everyday thoughts that have made me who I am today. I want to share myself. I want to share everything with people who want to read about me and who I am becoming.

In my life I have been through moving with my parents, parents divorcing, moving with one parent, moving between parents, and now moving out on my own. Changing geography wasn’t all that plagued me though, depression, anxiety, suicide, and alcoholism found their way into my days and nearly killed me.

I am glad to have lived through all of it and wouldn’t take back one moment.

Sure, I wish I hadn’t tried to kill myself. It affected my family, friends, and myself (of course) in different ways. The act sent me to a mental health clinic for a few days and caused me to move again. But it was not all in vain.

I stopped drinking, smoking, and taking pills. I started working out and eating healthier.

Please don’t think that it fixed me though. There is no fix to being depressed really. It is a constant process and there are so many bad days in my future.

What I would like to write about it how I deal with those days; how I survive surviving depression. How I live every day and choose to stay happy despite all of the things that could make me unhappy and tear me down. How I maintain relationships and friendships.

I want to share my life with the world.