What Liberals don’t understand about Healthcare (Quick opinion Article)

(This article was previously written on May 6th, 2017 on another site, it has been reuploaded here.)

Liberals demand that Healthcare covers everything even abortions & sexual “reassignment” surgery (Basically Genital Mutilation)

Which The cost of a single abortion (about $100) could cover a basic medical check-up for someone else.

You could only imagine how many people a single reassignment surgery could cover (about $25,000 for genital mutilation & $250 for Hormonal “Maintenance” aka bottles of estrogen)

The costs of The Transgender process could pay for a fraction of the base price of most life-saving procedures.

Better yet The Price of one Transgender surgery could pay for all the mental therapy Transgenders need instead (presumably from being abused by their dads or whatever made them get gender dysphoria)

The point is if you want everyone to have basic healthcare you can’t pay for luxury procedures like Abortion, Transgenders surgeries, Breast implants, or whatever the hell these liberals are yipping about.


McBill Gateos can’t pay for everyone’s healthcare.

The assumption liberals always make is “lol make the rich pay for everything”, believe it or not regardless of how much you hate the rich, they can’t pay for everything not free college & definitely not free healthcare even if taxed at 100%, The Middle Class would have to take up a significant portion of the rest of The Bill.

So as nice as it sounds for Bill Gates to pay for Grandpa’s heart surgery the reality is, it’s just cheaper for everyone if you pay for it yourself.


Pre-Existing conditions raise prices simply because most companies consider it too high risk & the money received (from the patient) to money given (for healthcare) is too disproportionate that most companies don’t see the benefit in it.


Taxing people for Healthcare they don’t use is stagnating the economy.

Healthy people young people who don’t need medical attention could save up their money & invest in the economy but instead, they’re paying for some sluts Thot pills, which could’ve maybe gone to charity or even a company that may have made some medicine cheaper.

By taking money out of people’s hands via Taxation you make them poorer.


If people can afford healthcare, they should be allowed to buy better healthcare not to be reliant on a Gov. system (I know most liberals probably just want a state option also but some advocate for removing the private option because “Muh inequality”)


We have a $20 Trillion Debt


Simply to say State Subsidized Healthcare isn’t some magical thing, it has flaws (a lot actually) and that even if it could “work” there would be a lot of obstacles to overcome. A realistic Socialized Medicine system would be very basic & small, not a Pay All Cover All system, Capitalism & The Private option is where a Pay All Cover All system works.


I’m not a doctor, a healthcare provider, a medical expert, or a healthcare legislator but I understand basic economics & the reality of how subsidized medicine (as of now usually) fails in one way or another, so this is an opinion article of an average American & not meant to be taken as absolutely objective article.

This article was quickly made, not too heavily edited or extremely fact-checked so the actual costs of things may vary from what I said here.

If you enjoyed this article.