Image by Gabriel Ebensperger

Traveling Animals, or ‘How Pigs Fly’

The US Dept. of Transportation recorded over half a million animal flights in 2016 alone. Across the rest of the world, everything from koi to crocodiles are flying to and fro. This is how it happens.

Pretty much any animal can fly, if given enough preparation and support. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has regulations for everything from antelope to dolphins. You can even pack a swarm of bees. Samuel L. Jackson fans, rejoice: There are regulations for snakes on a plane that don’t involve just dumping them into the ventilation system. Even venomous snakes can be safely flown if properly stowed in rigid and clearly marked containers. Cadorette says that tropical animals, with their sensitivity to temperature changes, require extra-special care as they make their way from Point A to Point B. “It’s not that they’re difficult,” she says, “but there are far more considerations in how they’re handled.”

Read the whole thing: Traveling Animals: How Pets Jet-Set Around the World, APEX Experience Magazine, May 2017.