How to Connect Wireless Printer to Laptop?

Jordana Regan
Apr 2 · 2 min read

Generally Wireless Printer connects to Laptop via through a technology known as Bluetooth which requires devices to be next to each other or if you have access to a wireless network via Wi-Fi (available to devices within the range of 50 to 100 feet or so). Here is an analysis of things you should be aware of while setting up your laptop to a wireless Printer:

· Bluetooth & Wi-Fi are less range Wireless Connections( This means that you must have to be near the printer to connect to it).

· To utilize a bluetooth based wireless printer, you must have to connect a bluetooth transmitter to a USB port on your laptop. This transmitter is a little device about the size of a stick of gum that transmits a signal to your printer. If you have Wi-Fi enabled laptop, you can leave this step.

· You must run through the system in the earlier task to setup the printer in Windows control panel & install any necessary drivers. Subsequently, you click advanced printer setup in the hardware & sound window, tap the printer that you wish isn’t listed link & then select add a bluetooth, wireless or network Printer in the first dialogue box that emerges & follow the instructions.

· Then, add a Printer Wizard takes you through the process of pairing your laptop & printer; you may require a passcode(provided with your printer) for this.

· Subsequently, if you have installed the printer,you must be able to print just like another kind of printer you print but without the hassle of extra wires littering on your desk.

We wish that by following the above mentioned steps sequentially you must have successfully connected wireless Printer to Wi-Fi. Or if in any situation if you are unable to do so or any issue comes across you while doing so,no need to worry for this, simply dial Printer Support Number + (844) 444–4174 to reliably resolve the issue. We assure to offer you guaranteed solutions so that any upcoming issues may not come across you in future also. We are backed up with a team of certified, trained & knowledgeable professionals having years of experience in dealing such issues easily. Feel free to be in touch with us, we are accessible round the clock to assist you with value-added solutions.

Jordana Regan

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Jordana Regan is an enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert at Technical, She is digitally savvy and loves to learn new things about the world of digital technology.

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