Why we should all write more

“I don’t know what to write about?”
“Aren’t there always people who are going to know more than me?”
“What if people completely disagree with what I’m saying?”

These are all thoughts meandering through my noggin as I’m sat here deliberating the context of my first Medium post.

Rewind back to 37 minutes ago, when I enthusiastically set up my Medium account, picked my topics of interest and who to follow. All was good in the hood and then it dawned on me, almost like the iconic scene from Independence Day, except a lot less dramatic and relinquished of the risk of death. But in all other ways, identical. Now I’m going to have to write an article, but what am I going to write about?

Fast forward back to real time with me. Here we are, and as a result of this overwhelming worry about how my article will be received, I presumed if I’ve thought about the consequences of writing an inadequate, or just plain boring article, others must have too, right?

Let’s flip it and reverse it and think about what Medium, Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr etc would be like if everybody had this aforementioned ‘Independence Day’ experience and reached for the beautifully crafted anodised aluminium lid of their MacBook and slammed it shut? The greatest resource available would be massively compromised.

Opinion is a right that everyone is entitled to, and naturally have a right to express. Not every article breaks new ground or revolutionises your way of thinking. Find something you are passionate about, or have an opinion on, and share it with the world. If one person reads your scribing and is inspired, agrees with you, disagrees with you, or challenges you, then your article has provoked thought (and potentially a plethora of emotions) and it was worth writing, right?

Pick something you’re passionate about or a problem you’ve come across, then write about how you solved it and why you decided to tackle it in this way. This will build your confidence, allow you to develop a writing style and give your opinion or knowledge on topics that could be useful.

I know what some of you are thinking, practice what you preach. Don’t write a blog post directing others to write more, when this is your first blog post. ‘Pot Kettle Black’ springs to mind but the key thing is that my first blog post is done. It’s the beginning of my ‘Write more and read better articles’ New Year’s resolution. Don’t get me wrong, Buzzfeed has a time and a place, but ’27 of the funniest things people have drunk text’ has a slim-to-anorexic chance of helping me progress my career, give me a new outlook on life, or stop me from drunk texting.

So there it is, my first article on why we should all write more. Potentially a procrastination of writing an actual article but ask yourself this:

“If we don’t have a key, we can’t open whatever it unlocks, so what purpose would be served in finding whatever needs to be unlocked without first having found the key that unlocks it?” — Captain Jack Sparrow

Ok, on the surface it’s unrelated, but what I take from this quote is “Walk before you run”, my next article will be a slow but steady jog.

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