The Toughest Twin Peaks Quiz Since the Dawn of Civilization *wink*
David Bushman

  1. No clue.
  2. Can’t remember
  3. The Bang Bang Bar
  4. Lamp Lighter INN. Tuna fish on whole wheat, cup of coffee, and a slice of cherry pie. I feel like I’m missing something there. I can’t remember the price.
  5. Sparkwood and 21
  6. February 24, 1989
  7. Everyone dies?
  8. Josie Packard
  9. I can’t remember, but I believe they speak Hungarian.
  10. The vagrant that appears dead in Truman’s office. I can’t remember the name, but his last name is the same as Caroline’s maiden name.
  11. Jeffery Marsh
  12. No clue
  13. I’m going to go with shoes, but it was probably something else.
  14. A malt and some french fries.
  15. His childhood home I believe.
  16. No clue.
  17. Can’t remember her name, but she is David Fincher’s sister.
  18. Dead Dog Farm
  19. 65 pounds
  20. Blue Pine Mtn. and White Tail Mtn.
  21. Gretchen Hayward, and Harriet Hayward
  22. Walter P something
  23. Brazil
  24. Saddle Shoes?
  25. Jim
  26. Spoken by Leland for sure. I think its “ I didn’t kill my daughter.”