Blood, my drink of choice

I saw it first
This unbelievable, unimaginable, unforgettable vortex
a cluster of sparks in the sky
and a shark between her thighs
I saw it first, before she took her first drink

Blood would paint the walls
cracks would line the plaster
I would let her ride me all night
faster, faster and faster

My neighbors banged on the walls
“hey, keep it down!”
I couldn’t
we wouldn’t
the booze had already set in

We danced around the table
wine bottles spilling a red sweet red
before I could take my final drink
she was unconscious in my bed

I smoke a 100 pack of pure menthol cigarettes
twiddled my thumbs, counted the stars
took a shit

Dreadful existences of these worthless swine
I was one of them you know
we all are
with our plastic cards
and gucci leather shoes
we stand in line for the latest fashion
standing in lines, in twos

We are clones
can’t you see that we are the cookie cutter images of people to be
we are clones
mindless droids of modern day
we walk, we eat, we sleep but have no say

When she finally woke, I came over and laid next to her
place my hand around her neck
and told her I’d never lave her
yet I did

I drove for miles
running every stop sign and every red light
with no sense, nor style

No plan, no food, no pets
no god damn fucking cigarettes
where was my house on the water?
where was my apartment in New York City?
where was my million dollars?
I can feel your useless pity

I may be drunk, definitely not sober
driving 100 miles and hour
thinking my life is over

I took a turn, then a spin, then it burned
ashes to ashes
nothing left to find
but my crispy dead body
awoken in straps
losing my young addicted mind