The God-Self is a state of mind, whether by divine intervention or bio-chemical coincidence, which renders the brain in a peaceful state of focus and metacognition. It features intentions for good, benevolence for self and others, patience and empathy.

Due to the preponderance for agnosticism and atheistic tendencies, my rational mind tends to credit some confluence of brain chemicals that coincided to produce this rare moment of calm rationality. Nevertheless, the cause is less important than the effect.

God-Self is achieved on rare occasions when my mind awakens from insomnia. At such moments both consciousness and lucid dreaming often result in effective problem solving, original proposals and unique or profound meaning-making which can include future casting.

Writing is often a by-product, if enough of the memory of its imaginings can be retained in the morning after waking.

This early morning, for example, was filled with visions of walking three unleashed dogs, along with Ruben, along the streets in a dense city center setting. The emerging narrative occurred either during a vacation or in a place we had finally returned to a urban abode, possible New York City, maybe during a Pride weekend.

It included a vision of a odd small apartment where a center was filled with an octagonal central set of windows for a shaft of light that made the tiny space seem larger than it was. My mind thought through how to build it: benches around the interior eight windows, doubling as storage with wane’s coating, skylight on roof, reflective mirrors on the inside to bounce more light inside.

In this respect the omnipresent mind is tapping the artistic talents of the brain. The inclination is to draw and sketch where words are otherwise challenged to convey.

There is a sense of intelligence and capacity that allow the God-Self to leave a satisfying and calming state of mind. Perhaps it can be akin to successful meditation, but normally the goal of clearing the mind would be considered the opposite of release all the inner strength of creativity and planning.

What meditation and the omnipresent mind do share is the tranquility of emotion and the pervasive feeling of meaning.
That chemical state of mind is supportive of general health and is the preferred state of mind.
Achieving it is wise, though possibly elusive.
Still, it is better to try and reach it and harness its effect whenever possible.

I send these thoughts now to my future readership who would most be interested in having me in a positive state of mind and who share the goals of this particular morning’s imaginative dreaming.

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