Being a startup CTO in Stuttgart, Germany

Jonas Schweizer
Jul 30, 2018 · 2 min read
Some call it the death star, do you know why?

Since beginning of 2018 I am CTO and managing director of a startup in Stuttgart. With LASERHUB we aim to disrupt the sheet metal industry.

Well, its obviously a tough ride and an exciting endaveour to start and run your own company. And as I am someone who is passionate about writing, I came up with the idea to tell our story and write about what’s being like CTO of a Stuttgart based tech startup.

All stories are meant to provide some valuable insights into the sometimes magical or mysterious world of a startup (which is more boring you might think — from time to time) and open up a discussion on each topic to actually learn from you and others from their experience.

I already have some topics in mind which are probably worth writing about:

  • Being a startup CTO in Stuttgart happily bringing all these great digital enhancements to your partners and client
  • Being a startup CTO in Stuttgart responsible for the visible and hidden backlog
  • Being a startup CTO in Stuttgart competing with Daimler, Porsche and Bosch on entrepreneurial software talents
  • Being a startup CTO in Stuttgart looking for the perfect 3rd party tool landscape
  • Being a startup CTO in Stuttgart deciding on the tech stack
  • Being a startup CTO and having family within the city center
  • Begin a startup CTO constantly refactoring something you just built

Anyway, this list will evolve over time and I will probably not have the time to write about all of them. Interested in something special? Let me know.

If you are curious about what we do with LASERHUB, let me know, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Jonas Schweizer

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Non-serial founder, digital enthusiast, software all-rounder, socializr, Hip-Hop supporter and proud father.

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