Being a startup CTO in Stuttgart happily serving your B2B clients with all the digital enhancements available to you

Jonas Schweizer
Jul 30, 2018 · 3 min read

I have a strange job. Thinking a bit about the two sides of your brain (analytical vs. creative) — it’s sometimes the same as being a startup CTO within a very traditional B2B industry. Why is that? Let me tell you briefly.

On the one hand (let’s just say the creative side) you are dealing with a wast amount of awesome technologies out there letting you build apps and write beautiful, maintainable, robust, secure and testable code in a glimpse of an eye. No, seriously Netlify, Heroku, Gatsby, LogRocket, Vue.js, Node.js, the npm ecosystem, webpack, Git (you can tell how long that list is) are all things a developer dreamed of 10 years ago. I love to read about and use these tools every day.

And then there is this other side (the analytical one let’s say). It’s the world of our clients and producers engaged in the world of sheet metal (Germany translation: Blech). It took me only days to realize how amazing sheet metal is and how we are surrounded with sheet metal parts (Blechteile). Looking on the industry with your analytical brain, you realize that this industry is highly optimized for producing great products (these Blechteile) and run all of this efficiently. To optimize production, they also have amazing hardware and software in place and it is great to see what they can so with Laser and Bending machines.

BUT, there’s something funny about it. It feels like all the industry somehow forgot administration and B2B processes which feel a bit lacking behind all this. Surely, that’s where LASERHUB jumps into play, but what I would like to share with you is: how much fun it is to follow the purpose of

Delivering value to the sheet metal industry — fair, efficient and digital.

While you are running your B2B platform struggling with pushing some features out the door, optimizing performance, migrating to new cloud providers and tools, refactoring, finding time for docu and testing — suddenly a customer calls telling you (or your bus dev responsible)

Die Handhabung Ihrer Webseite sucht Ihresgleichen. Bedienung / Übersichtlichkeit und Transparenz sind hervorragend.

Using your website is unique. Usability, ease-of-use and clarity are amazing

Wow — awesome. You built a product poeple like or even love to use. You made a difference. No matter how little it might feel. But that’s why I love my job and will never regret my decision to jump into the startup endeavour. You will never be able to fully exploit all technological revolutions out there and there might always be better tools, frameworks, patterns, paradigms for the challenges you face every day.

But for a startup — its about finding a business model, a niche, your target group and relevant sales channels and manage operations day to day. Fitting your platform to the needs of your customers is more then knowing and applying the most up-to-date treats out there.

That’s whats being like a startup CTO in a traditional B2B industry — being a front-runner for tech and serving your clients whatever their digital maturity might look like — and it’s great!

Jonas Schweizer

Written by

Non-serial founder, digital enthusiast, software all-rounder, socializr, Hip-Hop supporter and proud father.

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