Foto Plano Fundamental

(Photo Basic Plane)

por Jose Luis Pena

The components of a visual plane, of whatever origin, have to my way of contemplating them, different ways of appreciating themselves: The essential, where we see our environment and perceive objects, people and other elements in a habitual way, in colours, in movement or static The abstract, what the mind perceives without associating with our visual memory, which only registers lights and how they influence the form that later reveals without alteration. The sensory, coupling our mind to all the information perceived and complete ways to respond with corporal behaviours and stimuli. We see the essential, the abstract and the sensory.

What I call the fundamental plane is the terrain where I explore my ways of contemplating, an absolutely two-dimensional terrain. In it, I play with the observed and I turn it into a graphic element, and in this state, completely abstract: a human body, elements of nature and common objects cease to be, becoming points and lines, shapes and traces, developing and coexisting in a limited plane, where they balance, tension, add or subtract rhythm and balance, as well as symmetry or asymmetry, volume and space. Consequently, it has ceased to be the observed, the essential, becoming abstract in ways to cause sensory behaviour.

Photography is my ideal means to investigate this purpose, the configuration of time, light and moment are the perfect instruments to materialize my planes, my lines, traces and points.

Photo basic plane is for conclude, my pragmatic study with clear interests in the relation and sensory results that occur between the photographic language and the abstract graphic; the intrinsic sensorial relationship between spectator and the art.