Nov 12, 2018 · 1 min read

Born in Caracas in 1972. Son of Jose Luis Pena Marquez known Venezuelan photographer and B&W laboratory specialist between 70s and 80s and Spanish mother. Jose Luis studied graphic design, film production and advertising, at the same time he was producer for TV commercials, documentaries and short films in the 90s, where he worked with the major producers, directors of photography, set designers, music producers and film directors of the moment in Venezuela. From there arose an enchantment with advertising. He started a design studio, later integrating; advertising photography, production of TV commercials and multi media productions progressively, becoming a small but successful advertising group: Estudio JLP, Fotovisión Producciones and FVA Advertising respectively. Since 2014 he dedicated all his time to art, he studied music production at the Universidad Metropolitana, that same year he produced his first experimental music album: Internos, which was nominated in Pepsi Venezuela Awards as best electronic album of the year and best song Foreign; Sounds of a resistance at the Sonom Mexico festival. Presented at the prestigious Venezuelan gallery Sala Mendoza; Internos in blind acousmonium format. Start the production of the series of abstract photography and experimental Foto Plano Fundamental (Photo Basic Plane) music composition for installations and performance.

To introduce his work to the world in 2018 he moved his studio to Eindhoven Netherland, settling in Strijp-S the old zone of the Philips industry, now renewed, starting to produce his new collection of abstract photography and next Acousmatic music record production.

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