Dot Line Plane #17

For me photography is art.

By Jose Luis Pena

I am a Venezuelan artist, trained professionally in graphic design, photography, cinematography and advertising.

I worked in commercial photography maybe for twenty years and I feel was enough and the market has enough of the same kind photographers as well.

Six years ago I took the decision to re-start my professional career in the experimental photography because it is an exploration directed towards the frontiers of photography as a documentary medium and crosses the borders that approach the territory of painting. Following the work of Man Ray and Edward Steichen as a pioneer of photography as fine art and Kandinsky in the abstract painting.

Dot Line Plane #21

I think that with abstract photography we can explore creative and sensory forms. I like the idea of ​​using the light as a raw material.

I like the two-dimensional limitation ‘high and wide’ no more, proposing graphic challenges through photography.

I’m focused on abstract photography. My interest is explore with the long exposure photography techniques and the whole graphic design elements through the abstract photography and create my own poetry language.

I consider my photography a sincere, audacious and authentic expression of photographic art. I exclude everything that, in my opinion, is not relevant.

For me photography is art.