The Reading Habits of Ultra-Successful People
Andrew Merle

Thank you for your post.

Definitely, reading a lot will give you knowledge, depending on the material you read, of course; and will give you more chances to “succeed”…but; in my humble opinion, all this avalanche of articles about “The seven habits insanely successful people do that you must try” ARE GETTING OLD AND BORING!!!

I mean; all people are different, circumstances are different and unique, environments are different; etc, etc, etc.,…threre’s even a “luck” element that is IMPOSSIBLE to define by any logic or “algorithm” that you may have.,..

So; what is your real motives here? To be called an “expert coach”??

Almost anything you want to achieve can be summarized as:



-Hard work






So; you don’t have to have the SAME habits as Buffett to be successful !!! You are YOU; Buffett is Buffett. And all basic elements are simple and COMMON TO EVERYBODY !

Anyway….I’m really getting tired of articles like yours! There’s nothing new under the sun! Just go and work passionately hard with honestly, be educated and prepared, focus in your goals, be KIND to your fellow man; and it’ll work out !! Why paint it harder than it is? Why reinvent the wheel?

Be HUMAN, care for people…