No More Registries
Megan Reynolds

“Why can’t people just give me money? How do I ask for that without looking bad?”

There is no way to ask for money without looking bad. The only acceptable way not to get gifts off your registry is not to have a registry. When people ask what you need, the only acceptable answer is “Your presence is all we need! Can’t wait to celebrate with you!” Every guest with half a brain will get the message: “Just give us money”. But saying it out loud is rude and putting anything about wanting money (or about your registry) right on your invitations is so tacky. It makes me cringe everytime I see it. I don’t understand whey people think it’s acceptable. You shouldn’t expect to get a windfall just because you’re getting married, but you’ll get gifts (ie money) even if you say you don’t need any, because generally people don’t show up empty handed to a wedding.

Obviously this is one of my hot button issues. Drives me crazy.

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