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Here are a couple of mine.

  1. Revise scoring. I’d put out new guidelines around scoring. First of all, the judges should be highly encouraged to score even or tight rounds even. If there is no clear cut winner of a round, score it even. I don’t think it’s fair when one fighter clearly wins a round, but an opponent narrowly squeaks out two very close rounds, especially with a cheap take down, to steal a victory, and that’s exactly what it is, stealing a victory. I’d rather see a lot more draws than these 50/50 fights that go one way or the other without a clear cut winner..
  2. Speaking of take downs, I would significantly devalue their worth. Take downs seldom do any damage. If it’s a vicious take down that causes damage yes, but dragging an opponent to the ground shouldn’t count for much. Now what a fighter does once the take down is complete, that’s where the scoring should happen. That would eliminate the late take down and subsequent, laying on fighters to bleed the clock.