What I learned from drinking Wine every Wednesday

I know what you’re thinking: What can you possibly learn from drinking wine? Well, for me it turned out to be life changing.

I’ll never forget how it started out: One random Wednesday my good friend Abby stopped down to frat house where I currently live, to visit my brother Hogan and I.

Compliments to her for bringing a case of natty-light and wanting it to just be an us three only kind of shindig.

I remember her saying at one point of the night “guys we gotta do something like this every week where we just get together one night and hang out.”

If you can picture a blonde, long-haired twenty-something beach girl with that surfer style accent, that’s her.

We agreed that night on Wednesdays being our day, and that she would host them at her TownHouse with her roommates. When the next Wednesday came I ran into Abby at the bistro after lunch and she said she was feeling wine for her drink of choice for the night.

Hogan and I went out and got some high quality boxed wine, good-ol’ Sangria Sunset Blush.

I had only ever met one of Abby’s roommates on a weekend spill long before the first “Wine Wednesday” so I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect from all of this.

Well, the first night was a big hit for sure. The next week equally as good. After that people started asking us if they could come.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I was making some real memories with people I had no idea I would become close to.

The next few weeks it only got better. Slowly more people showed up and it was a hit for sure. At this point I was having more fun on Wednesdays than I was on the weekends.

The “Wine Wednesday” crew was primarily Hogan, Casey, Jeff and myself who are all brothers of the same fraternity, along with Abby, Kylie, Erk, Mell, and Timber who are all sisters of the same sorority.

Fast forward a few more weeks; it was at the girls informal when their sorority honored Jeff and I as one of their new Man of The Year (MOTY).

Thanksgiving break has come to a close and it’s the end of the semester now, and there’s only two “Wine Wednesdays” with Abby left. I’m sad that she will be leaving us soon but we all agree to keep the tradition alive.

In memory of those that I’ve made over the last few months, here are five things I have learned, and am grateful for as a result of “Wine Wednesday.”

  1. People are easier to get to know on a weekday compared to the weekends. Take time to make friends on more than just the weekends. Less pressure with a more relaxing setting.
  2. Never drink a whole box of Sangria. It will make you sick. Pick your poison but don’t over do it.
  3. Make time for your social life. Don’t be quick to say no just because you’re busy. There were Wednesdays I had to study and/or write papers but still managed my priorities before hand.
  4. You never know what will come from saying yes just one time. Seriously.
  5. Wine goes great with other wine.

Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed. Please write and email and tips, thoughts, questions or ideas on what I had to say or what you’d like to see in the future.

Much love,

Joseph P.K

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