A poster child for that growth is the sheer scale of industrial wind turbines, which are becoming…
Mick Fidel

The Internet based thought of “MOAR!” comes to mind. Some of our best ideas come from this.

The problem is, many more bad ones grow like parasites that siphon the life force out of our planet. (These ideas usually have good intentions, but terrible and simplistic execution).

And some still, should have never progressed … but still have because of the underlying economic incentives to “scale up” as you mentioned.

Humans are motivated by greed, recognition, inclusion, competition etc. even when they are altruistic and well-intentioned. Most people who read that sentence will have a first thought…

“I’m not that bad.”

And bad or good isn't the point (although both are part of the set of consequences of theses human traits). Accepting reality at absolute zero is the point.

But humans aren't good at accepting this reality either (the true, unvarnished, both “good and bad in totality” type of reality).

In the face of all of this … we have people like Joe Brewer (and many others, but not enough of our species) who are willing to resist their hardwired nature and rise above as a positive example of what our human potential is.

People like Joe only come around once in awhile, willing to lead or participate in the change towards a better existence. I’m optimistic for the human race because of these people.

This conversation (the sum total and global reach of this conversation), and all of the realities associated with it, are the most important conversations we will have (for now).

I thank Joe and people like him for starting and continuing it.