Why Install Ducted Heating and Cooling System at Your Home?

Central air conditioning is becoming a common feature in homes and commercial buildings. Ducted heating and cooling unit is one such system which seamlessly ensures a warm temperature in your home during winters and cool temperature in summers. Ducted heating and cooling system are the most efficient centralized units which can provide you enough warmth during winter and coolness during summer. So you do not need to install additional machines like heaters and air conditioners in your premises, and you can use their dual functionality to regulate the room temperature throughout the year. If you are also making up your mind towards getting one such system installed at your home or workplace but cannot decide, then take a look at the various benefits that this system has to offer:

Top 7 Benefits of Ducted Heating and Cooling System

  1. Environment friendly: Ducted heating and cooling systems are environment-friendly and energy-efficient which ensures zero ozone depletion. You can also maintain its efficiency over the years by keeping the filters clean and installing the ducts and vents properly. Thus, by installing this system at your home, you not only help preserve the environment but also save hundreds of dollars annually on cooling costs. So it can provide you fresh germ-free airflow and it can save your energy consumption bill.
  2. Efficiency: With Ducted systems, you have the privilege of either zoning the cool or warm air to a particular area or room, or evenly through the entire home centrally. Furthermore, the benefit of creating a different temperature zone by focusing the system on one area only is that you save on energy costs. You can also regulate the temperature in different rooms, and you can also maintain the dehumidifier with a remote control system.
  3. High air quality: Ducted systems are designed to stream high quality air through their multi-stage filtration that reduces pollutants such as pollen, dust, allergens, bacteria, and other particles and prevents them from circulating through the ducts. Since dry air tends to cause breathing problems or discomfort, ducted systems are designed to produce quality and not dry air. Also, by placing the unit outdoors, any harmful fumes or odors are prevented from entering the house or building.
  1. Easy Installation: Contrary to the traditional heating and cooling systems which are invasive and take weeks to install, ducted systems take a mere day or two to be installed in home of every type and size. Also, homeowners or landlords do not have to concern about rebuilding ceilings or walls around the ductwork, since these multi-split systems just require small pipes to be fixed in a mere three-inch hole, making them highly convenient to install.
  2. Long-lasting: Ductless heating and cooling systems are designed to last long. They thus do not break down as often as the traditional systems and have longer warranties, making them a worthy investment. If maintained well, the ducted systems can also last as long as 15 years or longer.
  3. Customized: The ducted system can be installed in an existing as well as new home or building that has enough ender floor space or ceiling for the ducts. They can be custom sized for your home according to your requirements.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing: Contrary to the big and unattractive structure of the traditional heating and cooling systems, the ducted unit is installed in such a way that only the modest grilles installed on the floor or ceiling are visible inside the house, with the rest of the body outside the house or building.

These features and benefits of ducted heating and cooling systems make them a highly recommended option in homes or building of all types and sizes. Make sure to get it installed from reliable and professional services.