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Nope, not watching the news. Nope, sports either. I played sports ALLLLL my life until the age of 22. I wouldn't say that I was a sports junkie growing up. I followed the NFL, NBA and could hold intelligent conversations on both topics. My father played football, my older brother was a stud as well and I followed suit. I was blessed to get a scholarship to play football at South Dakota State Univ. Not everyone gets the chance to play division 1 football and I cherished it.

Let’t go into being a fan of a sports team. I’m in the bay area so I’ll go in on the Niners. People care more about Colin Kapernicks contract than they care about their own money. How can someone put so much time, effort and energy into arguing and debating about someone elses financial situation but can barely articulate their financial forecast. How can you spend hours setting up a fantasy league team and not spend 3o minutes a month setting goals and a to-do list for the week.

The news. Lets talk about how the news model is setup. Fear is something that drives us humans more than love. The news uses that to keep us glued to the tv screen all day. Talks about ISIS, homicides in Chicago and the financial industry pending recession again is what we see all day every day. With Ebola they make us even more paralyzed with fear that we keep watching the updates to see how bad the Ebola is spreading. There are short segments of jam-packed fear. All they want us to do is keep tuning in so they can charge more money for the commercials that companies want to advertise on the channel. Nobody wants to see a whole bunch of happy and positive news so its not reported.

People say, “Well don’t you think you’ll miss out on something if you don’t watch the news?” I say, “If something was that important I would have heard about it from you.” We can watch a whole hour of news and be very very informed but still not knowledgeable about the topic. News is from the past, so why should we focus on what happened in stead of preparing for what may happen.

We can’t change anything the news is reporting. We don’t have a say in what the 49ers are going to do. I feel like we should focus more on what we can control and use that to better our lives. If the 9ers win the Superbowl, my take-home pay is still the same.

Let’s win. Let’s learn together. Please share and recommend.

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