Nudge by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein

Blackmans Book Report

Good read for some new ways to view every day actions/norms.

Pg 22 “Ten people will raise the temperature of an average size room by on degree per hour.

Pg 23 “Anchoring and adjustment. You start with some anchor, the number you know, and adjust in the direction you think is appropriate.

Pg 25 “ The Availibility Heuristic. They assess the likelihood of risks by asking how readily examples come to mind. If people can easily think of relevant examples, they are far more likely to be frightened and concerned than if the cannot.

Pg 64 “On average, those who eat with one other person eat about 35 percent more than they do when they are alone; members of a group of four eat 75 percent more; those in groups of seven or more eat 96 percent more.

Pg 70 “Priming. Priming refers to the somewhat mysterious workings of the Automatic System of the brain. Research shows that subtle influences can increase the ease with certain information comes to mind.

Pg 71 “When they measure peoples intentions, they affect peoples conduct. The “mere-measurement effect” refers to the finding that when people are asked what they intend to do, they become more likely to act in accordance with their answers.

Pg 72 “Smells matter too: mere exposure to the scent of an all-purpose cleaner makes people keep their environment cleaner while they eat.

Pg 73 “Most of the time, competition ensures that price serves as a good signal of quality.

Pg 90 “Leaving the gas cap behind is a special kind of predictable error psychologists call a “postcompletion” error. The idea is that when you have finished you main task, you tend to forget things related to previous steps.

Pg 144 “The Census Bureau reported that there were more than 1.4b credit cards in 2004 for 164m cardholders-an average of 8.5 cards per cardholder.

Pg 145 “One way credit card companies have slyly raised prices is by reducing the number of days you have between the time you get your bill and the day your payment is due. If you miss that payment you not only pay a penalty, but you also pay interest on all the purchases you make next month, even if you normally pay off your bill in full.

Pg 177 “As of January 2006 more than 90k Americans were on waiting list for organs, mostly kidneys. Many (60%) will die while on the list, and the waiting list is growing at a rate of 12 percent per year.

Pg 201 “Milton Friedman says: The best way to improve our children's schools is competition. If schools compete, kids win.

Pg 211 “There are indirect costs to litigation: For example, many doctors practice “defensive medicine”, ordering expensive but unnecessary treatments for patients for patients, or refusing to provide risky but beneficial treatments, simply in order to avoid liability. Another indirect cost of liability — and an especially bad one — is that error reporting in hospitals and among physicians is discouraged.

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