Predictions that hold no value

If someone predicts that something will happen, and it actually happens. That person is praised.

If one predicts, nothing happens. Then nothing happens to that person.

With there being no real downside to making predictions, (the wilder the better), why wouldnt one make outlandish predictions to just get praised when one actually come through.

For instance: Its the NFL playoffs and the 5 Fox panelists all make their predictions on who is going to win the football game. The Packers are are picked to win by the first 4 predictors, the fifth person to cast his vote should pick the opposing team because if the opposing team wins, he is seen as a genius, and if the Packers win, nobody cares and it wont be brought up ever again.

The pic above shows us why. Its hilarious actually. So this kid tweets that Yeezus is gonna name his kid “saint”. Yeezus names his kid Saint and this kid in immortalized on social media. Boom. If Yeezus didnt name his kid Saint. Nothing happens and this tweet is forgotten.

There should be a log of all the predictions that a person makes that shows their percentage. If there is a way to keep score i guarantee that people wont just make bets for the sake of shock value and to have accolades when they are right. Lets win

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