Be the Change

Today I want to talk about CHANGE!!

Be the best you. Your past is your past. Own your life; don’t let your past own it.

Create your own destiny. It’s all up to you, but as you work hard and give it all your blood sweat and tears, you can still have fun, laugh and dance!

Yes, there are struggles, but you must value yourself and believe in yourself first; no one else can truly believe in you until you believe in yourself.

You must create something new from within. Decide on what it is and you will get a greater hunger, a greater passion, a greater commitment to go out there and crush it again. Go add so much value that you can’t help but be successful.

Like we have talked about time and time again, no matter what we are selling, we are first and foremost selling ourselves; our character, our integrity, and our heart. Whether at home or at work, once we can sell ourselves truly from a servant’s heart, then we can move to the next level and create that change! Now you have the power to be the best you as you see clearly the risk and the reward of change.

Here’s a mental game: What if your company has to let someone go in 5 days? They are going to choose who is going to be let go based on who is willing to learn the most, and who has been willing to contribute the most. You need to start contributing way outside of what is put on your desk and what is in your whirlwind of the day. Always think in every situation, how I can add more value to my job and my company, every day? You must challenge yourself to do more, be more, and care more. Every interaction needs to be viewed as a chance to sell ourselves and serve, because as we lose ourselves in the service of others, that is where we truly grow and the traction needed for change begins to gain momentum.

As tough as all this sounds it really isn’t. It is tremendously fulfilling and FUN! In the game of life, you can Live With Passion, Laugh Out Loud, and Love Deeply!