Today I am going to write about communication. It really is the lifeline to happiness, personally and professionally. But it is like a muscle- it must be worked on every day to be in your best communication “shape.”😊

In my dealings with family, patients, and team members I try to not take anything for granted and I try to not judge. There are two simple steps I take in every interaction: Keep an open mind. Then the next step is simply to just listen. And I mean undistracted, leaning forward listening, where you hang on every word the person is saying. Make it a game to see how long you can go without taking over the conversation. It’s okay to interject some leading questions or to ask for clarification on an idea, but remain in ‘listen mode,’ showing the person how very important they are. Once the other person(s) have spoken, now you can begin to convey your opinions and ideas, but always watching the other person’s body language: are they understanding what I am saying? Am I being clear, and concise? Am I circling back to the other person’s idea and continually validating them? It really is an art to see the whole interaction from a sort of helicopter view and to continually ask: are we making progress? It sounds easy but it is not.

Life is all about going for a ‘win-win’ in everything you do, and communicating is no different. Even when you do not agree, you can still enjoy hearing the other person’s opinion and walk away a little more enlightened. But always your heart should be asking “How can I help this person, and how can I serve this person through my words?” Just as importantly, you must back your words with similar actions. In order to be respected, everything must be consistent; your words, your actions, your body language, your follow-though; it is all related. Because as we’ve all heard, your actions do truly speak louder than words.

Below I have listed a few really good videos; truly some gems that I have learned so much from:

How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

Why You Should Always Be the Last to Speak | Simon Sinek

10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!

(Skill #4 is great)

May today bring you lots of wonderful communication, with the amazing people you come into contact with. 😊

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