Dream a Dream

Yes I’m a dreamer, and always will be. I have learned that the most important part of any dream is making that dream or vision a reality by acting on it. This spirit inside me is not something I can or should try to change. I believe life should be a life of dreams and the wisdom is in knowing which ones to act on, and which ones should be left in your mind to incubate and help fuel other dreams.

In order to be a fruitful dreamer, other aspects of your life must be in order. For example, if you’re worried about money, it will inhibit your ability to freely dream; or if someone close to you does not believe in you or your vision, it may prevent you from fully actualizing your dream. Don’t get me wrong all visionaries need people around them who will question and challenge the vision, but they must come from a place of respect and trust.

These last 10 years have been the most incredible professional years of my life, and I would not trade them for anything. But as I look back on these 10 years, I have learned so much about the psychology of people; for me to be successful and happy, I have had to surround myself with caring, serving people who believe in me.

I have been blessed to have a tremendous group of people around me who question me, but also are my biggest cheerleaders. That is what every dreamer/visionary/entrepreneur must have to lead a forward-thinking, successful career.

10 years ago I decided to jump off a cliff, leaving behind a good life, knowing full well that it would be the greatest challenge I had ever experienced. I knew to be happy I needed to make a change; to become the dreamer- the leader that I was meant to be. It was time to share not some, but all my gifts and I now live a great life. I can tell you now it has been a great ride, and I feel like I’m only through the first curve of this great roller coaster ride we call life.

I live, love and anticipate more greatness as I wholeheartedly continue to serve all those around me, with a carefree heart, excited for each new sunrise.