Father’s Day

WHAT A GREAT TIME OF THE YEAR, SUMMER IS AT OUR DOORSTEP, HOT SUNNY, SUMMER DAYS…. I CAN’T WAIT. But a truly wonderful day that I do take a lot of pride in, is Father’s Day. My Father guides me every day and his lessons and his life, serve as a guide for me to aspire to.

It is really not a gift day (although I would not turn any away!) it is a day where children take time with their Dad, and take a moment to write a few thoughts in a card. I love getting cards, they are something that lifts my spirits, and gives me time to reflect and smile. I have amazing, wonderful, caring children, who truly love their dad, and make me proud every day. Laura and I raised them to care, love and respect everyone, and not to take anything for granted. And of course be silly and have fun along the way… It’s fun to see yourself in your children, in all the areas I just listed. That really is my Father’s day gift all year long, to begin to step back away from leading my family to start to let all my kids take on some of those roles, and they do it beautifully.

I can see that a lot of my gifts have come from my parents. My mom was a true, soft hearted, loving person, who cared, and worried about her children all the days of her life. My Dad, the hard, hard worker who made a signature on his work, that I still to this day strive for.

I am thankful to be a great Dad, and I work at it daily, and now that my children are grown, I may not see them as often as I would like, but I pray for their happiness every day.

If I were asked by a younger dad what is the secret to being a great dad (I am a great dad, and I humbly say that because my kids are kind enough to tell me that often, and for that I am proud), I would have to pause and say “Love, it is the universal language that your children will recognize at any age and for always.” Another thing I have learned is to love them unconditionally, in good times and bad. We are all human and we all make mistakes, but your children’s love for you deepens greatly when you love them when you least feel like it. But isn’t that true about how we should treat everyone in our lives? Love and serve all no matter the conditions.

And don’t even get me started on being Papa (grandparent)… Maybe another blog, hmmm Grandparents Day is September 10. More to follow.

Here are a few videos; the first one made me cry, you may too. Love your kids, hug them every time you see them, and tell them you love them!

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From one dad to another Happy Father’s Day and blessings on you and your family, now grab a football and go play catch with your kids, it’s the non-structured time that means the most to them.