Give yourself permission to be silly.
It’s healthy and so necessary to grow and enjoy each day!

Children appreciate all that is silly as a matter of course. Their grasp of humor is instinctual, and even the smallest absurdities provoke joyous gales of earnest laughter. As we age, this innate ability to see the value of silliness can diminish. Unfortunately work takes precedence over play, and we have less incentive to exercise our imaginative minds by focusing on what is humorous. When I remember my childhood, I recall the true fun of donning funny costumes, making up strange games, or playing pretend. This unabashed silliness nourished our vitality and creativity. How about in 2017 making one of our goals to be sillier? Make yourself do something silly every day. I did a Polar Bear plunge this year and yes that was silly, but I felt so alive, and laughed through the whole craziness. Give yourself permission to be silly, don’t worry what others may think, actually truth be told, they would be envious of your child like attitude!

We need not lose all interest in these cheerful and amusing activities, but to make them a part of our lives. We must be ready to sacrifice a little dignity and a lot of fear. So dive in!

It is precisely because so much of life is inescapably serious that silliness should be regarded as a priority. Use your imagination; you can be and act silly, take silly pictures, Snapchat and make a funny face, and do silly activities. The ensuing hilarity will help you see that lighthearted fun and adulthood are not at all incompatible. Happy New Year. Let’s make it our silliest year ever!!!

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