What makes East Main Vision Clinic so special?

Over the years I have become a customer service expert; it is the cornerstone of everything that I do, and the key is the last word: Service. To break down the last word even more, to Serve. I am a leader who truly strives to serve not only my patients, but my team.

I have been blessed to be an eye doctor and am so thankful every day for the patients that entrust us with their sight. This is what we all do as a team every day- we preserve sight.

I have grown so much in who I am as an eye doctor. 30 years ago I was providing good care, and providing glasses and contact to pleased patients. But today it is so very much more than that. It is my responsibility to evaluate eye health, and to treat, and educate all of my patients. In our clinic we diagnose eye disease and other problems in over 60% of our patients; the majority of those patients are unaware that they have an underlying problem, until we discuss it. It is critical for all consumers to know that an eye exam is meant to be comprehensive with an eye doctor- anything less is not good care. A refraction or a health screening is by no means a substitute for an eye exam. We always provide comprehensive eye exams here at East Main Vision Clinic.

That is the true value of what we provide here for each and every one of our patients.

I often tell patients what we do is unlike any other eye care provider; we pride ourselves in having the whole package of care, which is by definition excellent customer service. I take that responsibility so seriously that if you ever have an eye problem that needs immediate attention, day or night, call me, and our team will work with you to alleviate the problem. That is my promise.

I am so passionate about being an eye doctor; I treat every single patient as I would treat my family. I love being an eye doctor; it is so rewarding. I take such pride in providing your care!

That is truly what makes us different. I am here standing side by side with our amazing team ready to serve you!

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Dr. Day is always thinking of how he can serve others. These blog posts are a way he serves his community and nourishes the souls of those who follow along.