A Seminar with Mike Cernovich

The day before the seminar I didn’t allow myself to expect anything. I wanted to be as open and free as possible. I did this because as I have learned in martial arts when your cup is full how do you expect any more to fill it? Now is this humility or experiential knowledge of what works? Perhaps it’s both I don’t know I haven’t given it much thought. I do know that it is more of a feeling of emptiness and a willingness internally to just allow new knowledge to flow freely, right. Knowing who I am and when I try to force things to happen they usually get chaotic and garbled. Never fully constructing and digesting these new concepts and ideas. And it doesn’t happen overnight either. Allowing your mind and body to have stayed in that moment of new information it can seem overwhelming. More specifically, this morning I asked Mike Cernovich as we were on the subject of Mindfulness. Mike! I voicetrously interjected, “I struggle being out with my wife and kids and able to be in the moment because everything is chaotic to me.” Mike softly interrupted and asked that I stand and look him in the eyes not the audiences. He could tell that I was nervous and had issues or at least I hope. So, I once again looked down and attempted to speak again when Mike more pointedly motioned for me to look him in the eyes and say what I had to say.

Here’s the funny thing. Mike was speaking earlier about how he doesn’t think before he speaks that his presence in the moment allows his thoughts to flow freely through speech without any regard to thinking about it. Maybe the whole fish in the water metaphor. Regardless of the metaphor or analogies this picture in time produced. I felt and experienced something like never before. Mike for this minute in time was this figure I check in with. Though it could have been anything I suppose. Yet staring down another person explodes with an intense train of electron and quantum changes. Thus being open truly open was able to truly feel humility. In that minute of centeredness, checked in I rattled off for the first time not remembering what I just said just remembering the feeling of this is what emptiness feels like. This right here is what it means to be truly humble before someone else.

Honestly this had to be magic. Maybe I looking to far into this I don’t know. Whatever it was it was mine and mine alone. To many people nowadays wonder around living their lives without any thought to the supernatural. What can happen to them if they’re willing to just let go? Being the moment all the moments of our lives. That is where the humility was found for me not that Mike knew more than me because he does. He’s older and wiser being more studied than me or any other person in that room. The moment humbled me! The moment that I have been so unwilling to capture just by being me and no other.

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