Conservatives must have Gorilla Mindset

The book by Mike Cernovich welcomed me with this mind blowing realization. Look at the media and the waste gates of the Main Stream Media spewing their lies and rhetoric deployed to the masses to numb and brainwash the masses into utter chaos. Where is their mindset if not set upon the value system the Mike Cernovich so successfully establishes. Through indefatigable research Mr. Cernovich lays out a program simply enough for anyone to follow and follow with discipline and purpose. It require practice, patience and willingness to step inside yourself by which you are stepping outside the Mainstream. My purpose is not write a book report but rather challenge you to inspect your surroundings and judge for yourselves if what I am saying holds water. If we have Gorilla Mindset (we being conservatives/New Right) what Mindset does the Mainstream Media have?

The only person that gives Mike Cernovich any concern in regards to Liberals and Democrat is Van Jones of CNN. Because off camera he displays a base of conservative values or language type that sets him apart from any other Liberal of Democrat sitting in front of a camera or serving our nation. I want you to watch what I mean in this interview with Owen Shroyer from that is on YouTube

As you can see Owen is blown away by the different person Van Jones himself to be while on CNN.

With that isn’t it frightening to think or even imagine the mindset that these TV personalities have in order to knowingly spread lies and hate everyday. I must saay that not all that come into media and make it to the screen have that in mind when they first start out. But over time being saturated and placed in that environment leads and evolves you into something other than having a constructed mindset. A mindset that builds up those around you, a mindset that enjoys life and building it in others rather than tearing it down. The plague that is liberalism has darkened these media figures to where they don’t even know that they’re lying to millions of Americans daily mind you. Look at Ana Navarro. Her actions and breath, what do they do for the man or woman to the right or left of her? Name something that these fiends have done to promote quality in life so that no harm comes to her fellow man. I can say this because having the right mindset touches every part of your life not just while on camera. If you only play the part of having a valued mindset while on camera your actions will be caught while off camera. And then you’ll be plastered as a fake, a phoney for all media to see.

The media giants and their mouth pieces such as Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Megyn Kelly, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, hosts of The View, Shep Smith seriously ad infinitum. What I offer here isn’t complete for a reason I want you see if you can see what I see and how mindset is just that vital to our very lives.

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