7 Thoughts On Crypto After Three Months Down The Rabbit Hole
Lou Kerner

Instructive. If I am to cast this technology and use of crypto as a currency into the field of being different ‘this time.’ It’s because of the community in which it is supported. The web of communication, encrypted communication, social following & analysis, and crowd response interaction with creators has brought something new. Now a crowd can answer back with seeing complications, innovation, concerns, and contributions before an ICO is even started. How many companies do that before plastering their names on the Stock Market? Secondly, if the SEC is to get their hands in our face and “protect” users it needs to be in the regulation of Networked AI utilities. Paying users for their computing power. Running complex algorithms over thousands of nodes all across the globe. TensorBit, which Elon Musk just bought over 6.1 million TENB tokens, is an elaborate startup focused on crushing big AI farms owned by corporations which cost millions of dollars. TensorBit inclusively allows users to earn rare tokens by PoW, crunching real math problems instead of wasting power and energy mining BTC etc. There are other for example: Argor, Golem, Gnosis, and a new exchange focused trading AI NeuroBot.

I bring this up asking; if the way in which a community backs and develops alongside the creators, will change the way in which “a bubble” is made and inflated? Will it be a necessary long term bubble or hundreds of tiny bubbles? Like using a bottle of liquid bubbles from Toys R us. Dipping in the wand you blow on the circle creating hundreds of bubbles over a period of time.

Thank you for the knowledge and look forward to your next article.

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