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The devastating effects of the Novel Coronavirus — Covid 19, have taken many forms across the 213 affected countries and territories world over. In Zambia, the impact of Covid 19 includes the loss of livelihood which continues to spread among the least privileged, with the downsizing of the Zambian economy due to covid19. This lack of resources has caused many families to go on empty stomachs and extreme rationing of basic necessities.

Packing Hampers!

The adverse effects of Covid 19 on livelihood in Zambia has attracted a warm response from some organizations that have since formed initiatives to help alleviate the problem. One such initiative is the ZAM Jesuits Covid 19 response (ZAM Covid 19 Response for short) where I spent my weekend of the 22nd August 2020 volunteering in packing hampers. An activity which involved moving large boxes of 2.5ltr …


Joseph Kachiliko Jnr

I am a Data Scientist who loves story writing. I capture my best moments here!

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