5 Effects of Poor Financial Management

Joseph Tramontana
Feb 7, 2015 · 3 min read

The only way to ensure a financially secure future is through proper financial planning. If planning is inadequate, it could spell disaster. While setbacks are inevitable, it can be devastating if you don’t have adequate planning. It is important to seek expert guidance to ensure a better future.

Here are 5 effects of poor financial management:

  1. Debt

Debt is a big problem in the United States. Without a proper financial plan or budget, it is very easy to spend beyond your means without being aware of it, Over time this could leave you with substantial debt as you head toward retirement.

2. Not Enough for Retirement

In order to have a quality life at retirement, you need to save and plan ahead for it. A Financial Planner can make sure you have the proper investments and spending plan, so you have more than enough assets to enjoy your retirement.

3. Living Beyond Means

Poor financial management can easily lead to overspending. Preparing in advance for large expenses is critical. It is much more rewarding to save for your next big purchase, and then run up your credit cards. If you are not careful, it can lead to further debt, which can easily spiral out of control.

4. Ill-preparedness for Unexpected Events

Everybody’s life is full of unexpected events, and often these situations can lead to massive expenses. Poor financial management could spell disaster as you’re ill-prepared for such big expenses.

5. Children’s Education Compromised

If you’re planning to have children, it is important that you manage your finances responsibly. The cost of a four-year degree, even at a State College, is astronomical. Make sure part of your plan includes a 529 Savings Plan for College expenses. The earlier that you start, the better as money has a chance to compound and grow.

Prudent financial planning is vital to the success and to ensure a better and relaxed future. My advice would be that you seek professional financial help from experienced advisors and secure your future, so you can expand your capabilities and achieve a better life.

Author Bio:- Joseph Tramontana is a citizen’s guide to school finance & writer who covers all aspects of business and Finance. The purpose of the Joseph Tramontana is to explain a complicated subject like school finance and budgets. You can follow him on GooglePlus or catch more of his writing on his personal blog.

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