The three benefits of Laptops in the classroom.

In 2015, virtually all public schools have Internet Access. The student ratio to computers is currently 4:1. What about access to lap tops? Unfortunately, the data regarding lap tops is much more inconclusive.

Only Maine, Michigan and New Mexico have state sponsored lap top programs.

Students attending private schools have greater access to lap tops, because they pay for their own. The benefits of using lap tops in schools is quite profound and can be summarized as follows:

Better Note Taking:

Students that type notes directly into a document are much more efficient at this task. Note taking on a lap top allows students to organize relevant material and access it quicker. This can be done through a word processor’s electronic search feature. In addition, notes take on a laptop can be accessed anywhere they go. There is also the problem of losing handwritten notes. Generally notes taken on a laptop can usually be retrieved from the hard drive.

Better and Easier Editing

Students can also edit notes much easier as well. Handwritten notes are written quickly to keep pace with the teacher. They often need to be edited and refined in order to provide valuable information. With a laptop computer it is much easier and faster to rewrite notes. Students will be more inclined to make necessary adjustments with a laptop rather than try to write them over by hand.

Group Work

Future leaders must learn to work together in teams. With laptops, students can meet at any location and collaborate together. They can work together to access all related notes, technical documents, and online research. In addition, they can share files and notes making the learning experience complete and comprehensive.

Greater access to quality content as a team will always result in success.

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