I am sorry, but you are wrong.
Falconius Azurius

It’s not a bad analogy for how a lot of men actually think, but just to turn it on its head a little. In any society, a small proportion of people will want to steal cars, provided that they are valuable and embue prestige. And a small but significant proportion of people will, by the same token, want to rape attractive women, if we treat them as property.

This is the problem with treating women as status objects rather than people. The minute you put them in the same category as the car, you’re reducing them. It doesn’t matter what rules of chivalry or punishments for discretion you have, this will Always be true.

Take the opposite approach, and treat women as people before you treat them as attractive, and suddenly the moral compulsion not to rape, not to harass, is far stronger. Every time you treat a woman as property, you reinforce that notion that she falls in a moral category marked “property” rather than “person”. Yes there are some bad people who will do bad things regardless, but if I were a woman, I would much rather I fell into the latter category in most people’s minds.

That mental equating of woman as property — that’s what we talk about when we talk about rape culture.

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