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You can level up your gameplay without necessarily being a completionist

In October this year, Xbox rewarded a handful of players for lifetime achievements and hosted a series of short term trials to earn a spot in the Xbox Hall of Fame (as well some free merch, including the new Series X console). Naturally, the achievement hunter in me was ecstatic. I had no delusions of winning the contest, working a full-time job at a busy time of year. But it presented several excellent opportunities that I couldn’t pass up:

  • the impetus to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass and try out several new games
  • a time constraint, requiring me to design…

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When DLC meaningfully expands the original game

My favorite DLC content for any game was the Shivering Isles expansion for Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. The environment provided a perfect analogue to the central plot, somehow managing to extend the boundaries of a fantasy game. It introduced the crafting mechanic, offering a greater degree of customization that would serve as a precursor to the more extensive crafting options available in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

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When observation and curiosity drive progression

Each time we pick up a new video game, we’re faced with the same dilemma: “How do I play this game?” Most games now feature tutorials, which can range from the innocuous — gently introducing each mechanic at a time through natural gameplay — to downright disruptive — in which the gameplay freezes to text box after text box.

However some games opt for no tutorial at all. Games like Pong are fairly simple: move up and down and try to outscore your opponent. Because you have so few inputs at your disposal, everything you see in front of you…

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