What Do You Expect From The Second Half Of Your Life?

When we were younger we had high expectations and dreams or what we would achieve in our lives.

Slowly, our life got in the way of those dreams and eventually they fell by the wayside.

Lost were our dreams of traveling the world, changing the world by joining a mission, getting rich and retiring by the time we’re 30.

Somewhere along the lines we trade lofty dreams for security and safety. The perceived safety others tell us we should have (a good job, a nice house, a dependable car, etc.)

What have you traded your dreams for?

The Slow and Downward Spiral Into A Life Of Mediocrity

As we entered our 30’s and look forward into our 40’s we realize that we can’t be disappointed if we don’t set high expectations.

We felt relieved and grateful getting that 3% raise per year because it’s better than the uncertainty of taking on a new job and relocating our families,having to make new friends.

We’re okay with modest returns on our 401k, we just want to have enough to retire on and live out our last days when we’re 70+ and done working for a living.

We’re okay believing that picking up a new hobby or starting a side business isn’t for us, that’s a younger person’s game.

We’ve settled for a life of mediocrity and are slowly dying on the vine, life has become like a luke warm bath.

We yearn for Energy, Focus and Excitement in our lives. We want to know that our dreams will become possible. We MUST stop telling ourselves that life is “OK,” it’s time to realize that life is meant to be lived.

Have You Set Out On A Journey You’re Not Prepared For?

You’ve entered what I consider the most dangerous phase of your life, the one I am fighting for. The middle years, I look out there and see a huge valley with no real guidance or tools available to many of you. There are tons of books, courses, videos and other resources that are either for people just starting out (in their 20’s) nearing the latter part of their years (60+) or so generalized it’s not tactical enough.

There is no one size fits all to this phase of your life, there is a simple structure we can start with and go from there.

Just like you wouldn’t start out on a journey across the Sahara without a plan, resources and guide to carry you through the journey. The midlife transformation is the start of your next major journey in life.

Are You Prepared For This Journey?

It’s decision time, what do you want the second half of your life to be about? To get the most out of this journey you need a few resources:

  • A definite vision f where you’re going (a new map to follow.)
  • All the resources you’ll need to carry you through this journey, the mental, emotional and physical toughness.
  • A support system to ensure you stay on track and if you start to wander off track to lead you back.

Here’s some actions you can immediately take to reset your purpose in life:

Take some time to reset the high expectations in your life. Something you are willing to invest the next 15 to 20 years in. The second half of your life is about building a great foundation again, resetting your mission and blueprint for what is possible. Wake up every day knowing what you’re moving towards matters.

Take a few minute today to really think about one dream you had when you were younger or one “retirement” statement you keep saying to yourself every day?

Once you commit to this dream, you’ll know your life will turn out as amazing as you dreamed way back in your youth.

It’s time to stop giving yourself permission to live a life of mediocrity and start living a life of purpose.

Originally published at www.igniteyourawakening.com on June 6, 2016.