There’s no reason to make a title, there’s literally no topic for this one

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I’ve been really trying to think of a topic to write about today, but I’m not really getting anywhere. So instead of choosing a topic, I think I’ll just write whatever is on my mind. It’s probably good that no one really reads these, because I would just be wasting their time.

If you are reading this and actually take two minutes out of your day to read til the end, props to you for having nothing better to do.

My cat scratched my hand late last night when I was petting her. There are now two, very visible scratches on the top side of my right hand. Having cuts on my body that I can’t do anything about until they heal kinda feels like having stains on my clothes at a party but I don’t have anything else to change into an can’t get the stains out. I don’t really care as far as pain goes, because it doesn’t even hurt that bad. My only actual worry as that people will ask me about it when they see it and won’t shut up about it. I’m trying to decide whether to make up some story about it or to just tell the truth. I guess telling the truth always ends up working out better in the end, but I might just have some fun with it and make up a different story about it every time someone asks instead.

Today is my second straight day off work and I’m trying to be productive so I don’t go crazy. It’s hard to do with the entire internet at my disposal, giving me access to anything I would want to watch on the internet. Sometimes that’s not really a bad thing because for the past year I’ve watched a lot of content that’s actually educational and has to do with history, science, or current events, and so anytime I watch something purely for entertainment I feel bad about myself because I could be watching something better. If nothing else, I’ll watch a movie for inspiration and for something too talk about when my mind fails me in the middle of a conversation. Also, I usually try to read at least one or two books every couple weeks just to feel like I’m still learning when I’m away from college for the summer.

Back on the topic of being productive, this blog is just an attempt to go to bed at night feeling like I’ve done some kind of work that day. But it’s never enough to just write a blog post that’s barely 500 words, so I’ve also been live streaming myself playing and singing acoustic songs on Younow every day. Just like this blog, no one really watches those, but I do them anyway.

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