Richard Reis

Oh, please don’t worry about the length of your response! I was delighted simply by the fact you replied, let alone read my response. :)

I have, as you point out, read some of Mr Duhigg’s works. We seem to tap our knowledge base from similar experience in that respect. I really suppose it takes quite a large ounce of critical thinking, to lead one’s life in a manner such as the way you describe in the original blog. That basis, in turn, allows one to consider such things as varying points of view other than your own, consideration of ‘media and message’ (a topic in which I would like to discuss in one of my future letters as well), and the routine’s in which our minds use to sort out the complex decisions/messages you clearly outline in your original blog!

I suppose we also (as an addition to that point about critical thinking) must add that the advertisements themselves shape reality in some sense or another. We can imagine a world without advertisement in any sense, and consider them inescapable, because the term can be broadened so greatly that it loses the typical and contemporary definition.

An oxen sold at a market can be advertised, as a shoe can as well. The difference being an obvious one. The oxen has utility, as does the shoe, but a different utility none the less. One might need a pair of shoes to ride the oxen safely, but who told the rider they need shoes to ride the oxen? In another reality, the oxen might need shoes, and might be able to understand the advertisement (an anthropomorphic oxen perhaps), therefore spurning a seminole and burdgeoning industry of large cattle-derived shoe making.

In a way, we are dependent on ‘natural’ advertising if you catch my drift. We shape our own realities, as do others. I see advertising as a natural progression of the divide between the unnatural entitity (the corporation) and the person (the consumer). One is not simply molding or creating a message when they write the script for a narraration, they are putting the larger pieces of the wider jigsaw puzzle together, with tools passed down to them through the generations. It is up to every new generation to in turn redefine said tools, and add cool new things to them.

Medium, the platform in which we are currently corresponding, shares prior traits with other blogging mediums/sites that allow the user to create/share whatever sort of ‘post’ they would like. It is the essence of free expression, a term I personally prefer over the typical ‘free speech’.

Lot’s of digression there, I know, but it just sort of spilled out over my keyboard there. Perhaps I need to consider being more succinct in my responses eh?!