HOW TO BUY CRYPTOCURRENCY FOR FIAT? Best P2P Crypto Exchanges for Minimal Fees in 2024. Beginner guide

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How to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat? Review of profitable exchange services and P2P exchanges with low commissions: MaxSwap, Bitpapa, Cryptomus, SkyCrypto, Garantex

The cryptocurrency market is developing dynamically. This opens even better prospects for traders and investors who have decided to use such an asset as digital coins in their activities. Technically, the problem of converting crypto into fiat or other crypto is solved through special intermediary services. The most convenient way to buy Usdt through a cryptocurrency exchanger or exchange. However, let’s outline the pros and cons of all options in order to make a really rational decision on what to prefer.

How to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat?

How to exchange cryptocurrency? This is a question that many people are concerned about. Here are some of the main ways:

  • Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms used for trading digital assets. They offer a wide range of functionality for exchanges and transfers, different types of orders, margin or futures trading options. In addition, in popular crypto exchanges, the user can earn on investments. Many platforms offer discounts on commissions.

  • Wallets

Many cryptocurrency wallets offer the opportunity to sell coins with subsequent withdrawal to a card or payment systems. As a rule, the commissions of such services are quite high, but no more than 5% of the amount. If the wallet supports KYC/AML, the user must undergo a verification procedure.

  • Telegram bots

There are many telegram bots that offer the possibility to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat. The risks of using this method are higher, as there are a lot of scammers in this sphere. When choosing the best option, it is recommended to follow the links to official websites. Bots access their databases and then display the results in the chat window.

  • Exchange via EPS

Assets can be exchanged through payment systems, and within the same account the exchange is commission-free. Some EPS work on the principle of exchangers. For example, AdvCash, which requires a person to transfer digital money to a specified address. Then the funds come to the user’s balance in the platform. EPS work with rubles, dollars, euros, pounds sterling.

  • Swap exchanges

Exchangers are very simple to use. You can quickly find the most favorable rate in the desired direction, make an application, pay for it and get the cryptocurrency to the specified address. Of course, all exchangers take commissions, but they are already included in the rate, so the user receives exactly as much as prescribed in the purchase process. Many exchangers allow you to work not only through the website, but also through a Telegram bot. The positive feature of exchangers is that they allow you to operate a large number of payment directions and do it completely anonymously.

Below we share a list of the best P2P crypto platforms in our opinion:

Top P2P crypto platforms: MaxSwap, Bitpapa, Cryptomus, SkyCrypto, Garantex


MaxSwap is an integrated platform that combines the functions of an exchange and a wallet for the safe storage of cryptocurrency. The company has established itself in the Russian market as a reliable tool for both beginners and experienced users.

MaxSwap exchanger will help you exchange fiat for crypto quickly, profitably and safely. The service offers low commissions (0.3%) and currency exchange at the most favorable rates based on quotes from the world’s leading exchanges. When working with MaxSwap, you can replenish your balance and withdraw funds directly to your bank card.

To start working with the platform, it is enough to provide your email address. Full verification is not required, but it will be useful for active trading. Instead of the web platform you can use the Telegram bot, which repeats the functionality of the exchange, which is also a big plus and allows you to make transactions quickly and in a convenient format. In case of problems with opening the page, VPN comes to the rescue.

Advantages of MaxSwap:

  • A large selection of currency pairs, always up-to-date quotes from the world’s leading exchanges
  • Convenient inter-network exchange of staples and purchase of native tokens, which provides ample opportunities for portfolio diversification. The functionality is available both on the website and via Telegram bot;
  • Secure cryptocurrency storage in the wallet;
  • 24/7 online cryptocurrency exchange available from any device, 24/7 support
  • Generous affiliate program up to 50%, where you receive a percentage of your referrals’ trading commissions as a referral discount.

Most exchanges require you to provide the address of the wallet to which the coins will be sent when buying cryptocurrency, and payment is made directly through the chosen payment system. MaxSwap, on the other hand, provides wallets to its clients and accepts payment from the user’s account.


Bitpapa is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange. Here you can exchange Dollars or Euros for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT. Transactions between buyers and sellers take place in just a few clicks. Available currencies: USD, EUR.

No account verification required. You will need to provide your email and phone number for access. In addition, the commission on deposits and transactions is zero. The commission is only charged on withdrawals and is 0.5%.

Advantages of Bitpapa:

  • Security. Detailed information is available only to the two parties of the transaction. Information does not get to other people and organizations.
  • Convenience of use. All financial transactions are carried out without complications. Buying and selling crypto is fast — in three approaches.
  • Clear interface. Even a beginner can master it. You can use it by registering in the system.
  • Favorable conditions. Transactions are made without commission.


Cryptomus — the service provides users with the opportunity to buy any available cryptocurrency for fiat, including the most popular currency — USDT.

One of the most attractive features of Cryptomus is the minimal commission for transactions — only 0.1%. This makes the platform especially interesting for those who are looking for favorable conditions for working with cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of Cryptomus:

  • Ability to make anonymous exchanges
  • Comfortable converter for cryptocurrency exchange without commissions
  • Most popular fiat currencies and various payment methods available
  • Multilingual and 24/7 support


SkyCrypto is an exchange with the possibility of anonymous P2P trading. Here you can exchange bitcoins for fiat — for example rubles via Kiwi or Sberbank — and store cryptocurrency safely. Secure buying and selling of cryptocurrency between users is guaranteed by the platform.

Advantages of SkyCrypto:

  • Secure use — during the process of a buy/sell transaction, the system temporarily freezes funds in the seller’s account.
  • Round-the-clock support
  • No possibility of data transfer to third parties.
  • Minimal commission costs — 0.5% of the sale and 1% of the purchase through the web platform or bot.
  • People freely transfer funds within the system without paying interest.


Garantex is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange with no-commission deposits and withdrawals of cash dollars. A special feature of the exchange is the possibility to buy and sell cryptocurrency for cash with a commission of 0.2%. After replenishment, the funds are automatically credited to your internal account in the personal wallet of Garantex.

Advantages of Garantex:

  • Deposit and withdrawal of cash fiat currencies with no commission
  • Withdrawal to credit card
  • Minimal commissions per transaction
  • The exchange is fully operational 24 hours a day
  • Any methods of deposit/withdrawal via P2P platform of the exchange.

How to buy cryptocurrency with fiat?

The algorithm of actions is basically the same on each platform. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  • Registration and verification: Most platforms require you to register and go through an identity verification process.
  • Funding your account: Once verified, you can fund your account via bank transfer, credit card or other methods offered by the platform.
  • Purchase cryptocurrency: Select the desired cryptocurrency and enter the amount you wish to spend. The platform will automatically calculate how much cryptocurrency you will receive for fiat.
  • Secure storage: After purchase, transfer the cryptocurrency to your personal wallet for safekeeping.


P2P cryptocurrency services are very popular in today’s market. For example, it is possible to withdraw cryptocurrency in Russia through the P2P platforms MaxSwap and Bitpapa, which we wrote about above. Currently, they have reached a level where their functions are equivalent to the leading centralized exchanges. However, they also have a number of advantages over them — full confidentiality, clear and simple working schemes, and well-developed self-control and monitoring functions.



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