Blog 6- Content Management Systems

1. What is the purpose of security permissions in a CMS? What are the various permission options provided in Drupal?

Security permissions within a CMS is required for protection against the CMS itself and the web server. It is also used at the site level for user permissions, admin protection and spam protection.

Drupal provides account level permissions such as blocking, cancellation, and content access. There are also in built spam filters, user roles, and cron jobs.

2 . What is a “theme” in Drupal? How do themes make designing web sites easier?

Themes are preset or user created overall site designs which can be applied to any website built on the CMS the theme is for. They make design easier as they can simply be searched for, downloaded and applied.

3. What are “blocks” in Drupal? How do blocks make designing web sites easier?

Blocks are similar to Widgets in WordPress. They are already created pieces of content or functionality extensions. They make design easier as they can simply be applied directly through Drupal and give you the needed functionality.

4. What is a Google Ajax Wizard? How can Google Ajax Wizards make adding content to a web site easier?

Google Ajax Wizard is a quick way to search for, slightly customise and add code to a website to provide extra functionality.
This would allow simple code to be added to a site with little effort which in turn would pull in data to the website.

Google Ajax became deprecated in 2010.

5. Undertake the following tasks for your Drupal web site assignment:
a. Add a logo;
b. Add a shortcut icon/favicon;
c. Implement a navigation system; and
d. Investigate what Google Ajax Wizards might be appropriate to your Drupal web site, and implement them.