Bilal Zuberi, Partner at Lux Capital

Placing the right bets on cutting-edge technology is not just about tech; it’s also about the people.

“The key is to keep company with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”

— Epictetus

When financing early-stage technology companies, the Frontier Tech team at Silicon Valley Bank places a lot of weight on the quality and character of our financial partners, namely the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are responsible for guiding the company through its growth, from infancy to IPO and beyond. …

New modes of mobility and how startups can influence the inevitable wave of regulation

Source: Daimler AG

The recent explosion of innovation taking place in transportation is unprecedented. My colleague Matt Trotter outlined the emerging forms of mobility in his Mosaic of Mobility post. These new technologies follow a trend we see quite often in the frontier tech space: the shift from bits to atoms or, put another way, the merging of the digital and physical worlds. …

Why the surreptitious rise of automation and robotics may be the end of work (as we know it)

Source: CNN Money

Humans have an odd fascination with imagining dystopian futures in which runaway technological progress, once our saving grace, inevitably becomes our downfall. Look no further than the success of recent TV shows like “Westworld” and “Black Mirror” for evidence that something in us is drawn to the man-vs.-machine archetype. This phenomenon has even hit the news cycle in recent years, as sensationalized headlines promise a world in which advanced automation and robotics completely eliminate the need for both skilled and unskilled human…

The premiere of Ready Player One, a tale about a dystopian world dominated by a fully immersive virtual universe called the OASIS, has inspired me to take stock of the current state of immersive technology. Despite the numerous technical challenges ahead, it’s important to look at how far we’ve come and ask a few critical questions about where we’re going. Is Ready Player One a glimpse into the near future, or is it just like any other well-funded sci-fi flick — pretty but with no real substance?

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: Despite the headlines and hype…

by Josh Dorsey and Greg Castle

First it was the keyboard. Then the mouse. And now it’s all about the touchscreen. But what will tomorrow’s preferred computer interface be? We see an exciting new form of technology interaction emerging — voice — and it’s only getting louder. Voice technology is altering the technology landscape, and it appears to be the next natural progression in human-computer interaction.

The power of voice was validated in an event we recently produced, The Future of Sound, in conjunction with the iconic Dolby Laboratories. The event brought together thought leaders and investors in the audio…

by: Josh Dorsey & Greg Castle

The Future of Sound is loud! And we are bringing together luminaries in this space to talk about it. Anorak Ventures and SVB presents The Future of Sound, part one in a three-part, invite only, event series focused on emerging technologies.

Dinner Thesis Part One:

Today hardware devices use touchscreens as the preferred interface; before that it was the keyboard and then the mouse. Now a new form of technology interaction is taking hold. …

Josh Dorsey

3x time founder with my wife. Focused on VR/AR & HW for Silicon Valley Bank. Me = family, Frosted Flakes, pizza, tech & Manchester United.

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