I’m Rich. (So are you.)

The coffee came from Columbia. The apple I ate while cooking hailed from Michigan.

Into the pot went rice from Thailand, pork belly from Iowa, cheese from Oregon, peppers from California, onions from Washington, and beans of unknown provenance.

They stewed together in Texan salsas and Louisiana hot sauce, and were seasoned with pepper imported from India and salt from the sea.

After they hit the plate, they were joined by an avocado that made its way from Mexico, and local eggs that were cooked in Irish butter.

As I sit here eating my lunch, it occurs to me that you & I are among the richest humans ever to inhabit this planet, richer than Louis XIV, Ramses II, and all the other people of history whose names don’t contain roman numerals.

To bastardize the words of both Irving Mills and Hank Williams, Sr:

I’m so grateful I could cry.