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3 reasons people will keep reading On the Road

On the Road is a novel about a restless adolescent looking to travel East across America. The main character, Sal Paradise, follows his idealistic notions across America looking for something that is always wherever he is not.

When he’s on the road he wants to be back home, and when he’s home he’s aching to go. Sal Paradise doesn’t know what he wants to do other than write, drink, have fun and go, go, go — and this drives the novel.

The other main character, the true hero of this story, is Dean Moriarty: a misogynist thief with a kind heart and a faux-Nietzschean outlook on life. There is no way to paint Moriarty kindly and somehow manage to gloss over his “innumerable lays of girls,” his infidelity and his madness to go, go, go and for everything to be okay. …

Or: why blogging is a long-term form of customer service

The focus of business blogging is customer service. That is, answering questions to provide value. The ancillary benefit, that is, the knock-on effect of good customer service (of providing value) is search engine rankings and sales.

The buying pyramid as a vague, crude framework

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If you think of the buying pyramid and the whole, there are “people who don’t know what they don’t know”; “people who know what they don’t know”; and “people who are ready to buy” the blog posts need to answer questions tailored to these three categories. And obviously some questions will go across these vague, somewhat crude, categories.

Blog posts will also answer post-sale information to keep people coming back. …

It’s not free if content is being created and distributed for you

No publisher or author has given me a free book. Because free implies a one-way transaction. I get a free book: publisher/author gets a thank you.

That’s not how it works.

You get given books to review, which means reading and creating content around that book. Which looks like blog posts, reviews on sites like Amazon and GoodReads, social media content and podcast episodes.

As a professional copywriter/content marketer my employers can attest to the fact my time isn’t free. Time x (skill + experience + reliability) = paycheck…more or less.

If I receive $50–100 worth of books you can bet the time and effort I put into creating content around those books (and the variety of platforms I put that content on) would cost way more than $100 if an invoice were involved. …


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