Kanye West’s Permanent Impact On Music

In Kanye West’s career, he has done everything possible to pave the way for every artist today. His many different innovations and the way he has impacted music has influenced artist such as, Drake, Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, etc.

One of Kanye’s many ways he has influenced music consist of him using a completely different sound than anyone else in music with whatever he came out with, such as the song “Heartless” on the album “808’s and Heartbreaks” where he uses auto-tune through out the whole song.

Kanye’s use of autotune throughout the entire album and in this song was completely different than what other people of the in the rap game at the time were doing. Lan Paje explained in his article how auto-tune was used in Kanye’s songs to bring a different sound to hip-hop, “The auto-tune is used to incorporate a ‘different’ sound, and a pleasant one at that. Kanye West is by no means a vocalist, he is an artist and he does an excellent job with the resources he is given to properly execute the message of the song.” I completely agree with him, it was a very important and needed innovation to incorporate a new sound because it can cause many other artist to have careers from sounds that are completely different than everyone else also.

Listen to the similarities of an artist named Travis Scott, which is signed under Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music label, between Kanye’s song “Heartless” and the song “Antidote” that is on Travis Scott’s album “Rodeo”

The use of auto-tune was very prevalent in this song and throughout Travis Scott’s album, which has been directly influenced by Kanye West use of auto-tune.

Adam Covington explains in his article how producers now are always trying to find different ways to set them apart from everyone else doing what they do, “Producers such as Dr. Dre and DJ Mustard set themselves apart with their own style of beats and their own take on what the sound behind the lyrics is going to sound like. Most of the time these types of people “just instinctively knew sounds” as they were growing up, as DJ Mustard stated.” That directly correlates with what Kanye has done with auto-tune in music. He has created a new sound and has changed the rap game for many years to come.

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