The Earth is changing, time to freak out!

The earth is changing, what ever will we do!

It’s the Corporations and Capitalism! Their lack of respect for mother earth is what is destroying it! They are what’s wrong with this world!

No! It’s the Progressives and Liberals! They are politicizing science! Climate change is a lie!


For some reason I decided to read another article regarding “Climate Change”. Why the hell I made that mistake I don’t know. But what I do know is that I get tired of the whole global warning debate/argument/bullshit/blah blah.

The Earth has been changing long before our weak asses came about. We can either adapt to it or die out. Preventative measures don’t help simply because you cannot force other countries to do so. The USA could go 100% green today but India, China, and a horde of other developing countries will still be cranking out the carbon.

Mind you the ones who are doing a lot to prevent a rise in temperature are from Western societies. And don’t give me that shit “But there is more America can do!”, “We aren’t doing enough!” Horseshit! Read Exhibit A and Exhibit B. We’ve done our part.

But unless you want to send in UN troops to get these countries to fall in line you’re wasting my time bitching about the issue and not spending enough on finding a way for us to adapt to the planet to ensure our future.

I don’t care what came first, the chicken or the egg. If the Earth has always had fluxes in temperature or this is man made the fact is we have a damn good idea which direction it is going so lets prepare ourselves!

How about instead of writing an article about how crappy it’s getting and who is “What’s wrong with this world”, we direct our audience to those who are preparing us to thrive in the new world to come. People like

Elon Musk: Founder of SpaceX
Boyan Slat: Founder of The Ocean Cleanup
Studio Roosegaarde: Makes of the Smog Free air filter

These are just a micro fraction of the people on this planet who are taking actual steps to make sure we thrive in the future. They are not bitching and moaning on the internet; they are out there now working on this. Let’s help others find them. Get others involved in the process! Doing this small part will help ensure that no matter what temperature the planet is that it’s inhabitants will find a way to thrive in the future — on or off its surface.

If you know of someone who is taking actual actions (no writing articles about it) then link them in the comments to help others get connected!