My time in New Jersey

My time in New Jersey has been a time of many memories and learning. Moving here as a child after spending half my life in the Midwest, I’ve come to realize the differences in people and lifestyles depending on where you are in the world or even the same country. Out west, life is slower and more relaxed then the hustle and bustle of everyday life on the East Coast. The lifestyle of constant contact with people and having a quota to meet each day is stressful on the mind and soul. Life is not meant to be lived this way. I realize that it is not all this way out west or even anywhere in the world. Humans are eccentric beings. Most of us feel that we need to be something great or do outstanding work so people will notice and respect them. To a certain degree this is helpful and pushes us to better ourselves. But why? Is there a real reason? Do we do all this to actually make things better for others and ourselves, or to have attention drawn on us. I wish to be a person different than most. I want to do things not just for the sake of “being a good Samaritan” but because I want to help everyone. Most people would see a man sitting on the side of the road broken down in his car. Instead of stopping to offer help or service, they would just drive by. Not thinking twice about that man and what he might be going through. To us it may just look like his car broke down, but to him it could be one out of a long series of unfortunate events that have happened to that man. The point of all this is to give to others as much as you possibly can, without thinking of yourself. If you only have two dollars in your wallet and you were planning to buy a coffee with it tomorrow morning and you see a person on the side of the road with less then you. Give that money to them. No matter how badly you wanted your coffee tomorrow, that person will be so thankful that someone would be willing to give them all they had. Be kind to others. Give all you have and keep nothing for yourself. Live life with as much kindness and decency possible. We can become better humans and better our society if we uphold these views.

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