The Start- Barisieur

Hello World,

My Name is Joshua Renouf, I am a product designer. I was born in Jersey Channel Islands, studied at Nottingham Trent University where I designed this product; The Barisieur. It started off as a bit of fun, looking at ways to improve on the old teas-mades back in the 1950’s (If you’re British ask your mum). I was also looking at todays society and seeing how things are really becoming dematerialised by the world of tech and especially smart phones. everything is now on your phone.. What I also found interesting was that that vinyl records and record players are resurging. What this says to me, is that people are missing the tangible experience, and are almost having a digital detox. I think people do not want to clutter up their homes with a bunch of objects that they do not need, however I do think that they are looking to home products that they will be proud to display and also want to use… I was also hearing a lot about how people were dreading that “Monday morning feeling”, and did not look forward to getting up in the morning. This is why I design the Barisieur. I have had thousands of interest of the product, and after 2 years of development I am now about to head over to kickstarter to see if I can get this product to market. And this is my Journey.