The date was June 6, 1978.
Spiritually Midwestern
Josh Roiland

There were no reported tornadoes in Champaign County, IL on that date. In fact, there no reported tornadoes at all in that county from 1977 through 1980. That said, the total number of recorded twisters in Champaign County between 1950 and 2012 (59) does place it within the top five counties in the state during that time, with the most occurring in Sangamon County, three counties to the west, which tallied 68 tornadoes during that time period, including 17 different cyclones on August 6, 1977. So when Wallace says that tornadoes “were a real part of Midwest childhood, because as a little kid I was obsessed with dread over them,” it’s a more-than-reasonable assertion.

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